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Hey guys!!!


It's been forever since I've posted any kind of a blog update, or even since I've done a shoot. Yikes. 


Anyway! Lets see... I've got a ton of new cosplays completed and a ton of fun new toys. Hopefully we will find time for me to get together with the photographers for some more fun shoots for the site. Mad Moxxi was soooo fun to shoot~!


That's all I've got for now, really. I know, I know, I'm so lame. Haha.


Much love,


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Hope you are all having a wonderful May the 4th! 

It's been a long time since I've shot anything and I miss it, so here is a couple of fun Sith shots we just took in my living room.




Did you do anything to celebrate?

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Heya all you lovelies out there in this cyber space world we have here! 
It has been afew weeks since my second set, my returning set was released! I hope you all enjoyed it! I have more coming soon! 

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Good morning, i have so much going on right now im haveing a hard time sleeping. starting some new projects as well as woring on some exitsting ones...

Im happy to say that im a modeltographer, not only in life but on here too! my first set as a tog got published recentky: "Half Genie" by Sybthetika and theres a set waiting in my personal queu for a new potential model- as soon as Sakura Stars submits her paperwork ill submit her set <3


anyway i suppose i should try to get some sleep, and ill try to be better about writing on here

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Hi dear Vixens and Vikings how are you? I'm a new model and I'm very happy because is my first time here. I hope that you'll like my pics and became my fans!!!